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Posted on: 09/07/2018

Arts Week

As many of you know our children have recently completed a fun packed Arts Week which involved all aspects of the school and concluded with a wonderful KS1 assembly and a rousing KS2 concert.

Arts Week is always popular within the school with normal lessons and schedules set aside in place of a week of activities. We asked Mrs Flower to shed some light on what the purpose of the week was and what did it aim to achieve. She commented:

“Our biennial Arts Weeks are an opportunity to explore the art, dance, culture, literature and music linked to a particular theme. This year we chose the British Isles, and the children spent a wonderful week studying artists such as Lowry and Mackintosh, cooking traditional dishes, hearing stories and learning poetry by WH Auden and Lewis Carroll amongst others, and learning many traditional dances including maypole dancing. The week culminated in a traditional British street party - the whole school enjoyed an outdoor fish and chip lunch.”

The children certainly made the most of the week learning some surprising British Isle facts along the way…how many of you now know there are more sheep in Wales than people?

The artwork and anecdotes that have made their way home are further proof of a wonderful week of learning whilst having fun.

For all of you able to attend the KSI assembly and KS2 concert you will certainly remember our children singing their hearts out, reciting poetry and giving some beautiful dance displays.

Feedback from parents has been plentiful:

“It was fabulous”

“What a great evening”

“Absolutely amazing. I didn’t expect that”

So, as our academic year comes to a close and we head off to enjoy the summer holidays, we know that our children have enjoyed a wonderful week with their classmates and teachers, exploring all that is great about our British Isles.

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