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Posted on: 24/07/2018

It is time to say goodbye to Year 6

All good things must come to an end. This is certainly the case with our Year 6 pupils as their time at Gerrards Cross C E School comes to an end and they move forward into a new chapter of their lives.

In the last few days of term we asked some of the year group to tell us more about their time at the school, reflecting on happy memories and what they will miss the most. This is what some of the children said:

Can you remember and describe your first day at school?

“I can remember being very nervous but eventually I got used to it and dressed up as Spiderman.”


“I remember when me and Francesca were walking up the drive with ridiculous hairstyles.”

“In reception I remember being invited into the classroom by Mrs Cowling and sitting on a leaf.”


“I was crying because I was really sad to leave my mum but the teachers looked after me and made it really fun.”


“I can remember meeting everyone and being excited.”


If you could go back and give yourself any advice throughout your time at school, what would it be?

“Take every opportunity given to you – join clubs, speak in assembly, compete for the school.”


“Learn my timetables earlier in the years.”


“Try to put your hand up even if you think you’re going to get it wrong.”


“To never say no to a new thing or challenge because it will be the best thing ever.”


“Never give up on your dreams.”

“To try your hardest and to appreciate everything teachers do for you.”

Aman S

What is your funniest memory of your time at school?

“When me and Jessica went to Saint Paul’s Cathedral and accidentally sat on the Bible instead of cushions.”

Imogen E

“When Alfie and I set up the hall for assembly and it was cancelled.”


“When I fell asleep in Reception.”


“I fell in a pond on one of the school trips in Year 1. Somebody pushed the teacher who accidentally knocked me.”


“When Millie and I were so hungry and didn’t know how to tell the time so we ate our lunch at break-time.”

Lily R-W

“When I accidentally ate someone else’s lunch because they had the same lunch as me.”


What is the most memorable thing you have done?

“150 year celebration when we all released all of our balloons with our tags on.”

Erin Constable

“The most memorable thing I have done is the general knowledge quiz.”


“Gone to PGL and done all the activities as some were quite hard.”


“Go to the regional finals with football. It was a great experience playing in extremely tense matches.”


“Being elected school councillor.”

“Being nice to people and caring.”


What are you most proud of?

“I am most proud of all the improvements I have made over the years.”


“I am so proud that I got a part in the Lion King – our school play.”

“Becoming house captain as out of all of Year 6 St Huberts I was chosen to be the girl who represented St Huberts.”


“Learning my English. I did not know that much in Year 4.”


“Playing my instrument in front of 30 children.”


“When I was Mary in the Christmas production in Year 2.”


What will you miss the most?

“The teachers and my friends and the lovely school community.”


“My friends because they are supportive and encouraging.”


“The kind and caring community of our school because everyone cares for each other even if they are different from themselves.”


“All my friends.”


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