Vision Statement

Every Child flourishing.

We see our role as providing a well-rounded education which enables each and every child to flourish academically and physically, emotionally and spiritually, socially and morally.

As a Church school, the Bible and its teaching create the inspiration for all aspects of our work. Our Vision inspired by Jesus' words recorded in John's gospel.

  'I have come that they might have life and live it to the full.' John 10:10

The vision of our staff and governors and all involved in our provision is that we might enable each one to live life to the full and 'flourish', both while they are with us, and as they group up and continue their life journey.

Our pupils enjoy a stimulating and varied curriculum, supported by a wide range of enrichment activities and extra-curricular opportunities. The uniqueness of each child is celebrated, and each individual is nurtured through the partnership of children, parents, staff and governors. The school enjoys exceptionally close links with our local St James Church.

Our school is dedicated to providing a place of effective learning and teaching in order that each child may pursue success in the classroom, on the sports field and in every other area of school life.  Above all, we aim to provide a secure, caring and well-ordered community where there is an excitement and pleasure in learning, and each child is able to grow and flourish. 


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