PE + Sports Premium

PE and Sport Grant 2019-2020

The PE and Sport Grant from the DfE is intended to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport, so that primary school age pupils develop healthy lifestyles.

Grant allocation and planned spend

This year we expect to receive £19,610

Evidencing the impact

PE and Sports Grant 2019-2020

During the academic year 2019-2020 the school received £19,610






Sports coaching and activities for all KS2 pupils
All KS2 pupils will benefit from professional sports coaching in Games lessons throughout the year, developing their skills and experience and raising attainment.




Football coaching
Boys and girls in Years 5 and 6 will benefit from professional weekly football coaching throughout the season.




Maintenance and purchase of resources, including the swimming pool, which enhance provision and the sporting experience of all children in the school.




Competition expenses (no expenditure due to impact of COVID-19)
Costs associated with enabling children to participate in a range of competitive sports activities.

Total  £12,750


How did the Sports Grant make a difference to the PE and sport participation and attainment of pupils? 

The Sports Grant has enabled us to work with a number of sports professionals during the year. With a curriculum which includes a wide range of activities, all supported by a progression of skills and differentiation, our children's fitness, level of skill and enjoyment continues to increase as they are taught and coached by a range of talented sports people, including our lead coach, Mrs Lucy Godfrey. Unfortunately our swimming provision was cancelled due to COVID - this is reflected in the underspend durig 2019-2020. All coaches work alongside our experienced PE staff, ensuring that their knowledge and skills are continually improved as part of ongoing professional development. 

During the early part of  2019-2020 our children enjoyed taking part in a number of competitive events, in sports including football, netball, cross country and athletics. In the previous year over half of Key Stage 2 children represented the school in competitive sports, representing over three times the number who represented us five years ago. All competitive sport paused on 12 March as concerns grew over COVID-19. In particular our girls' football team were disappointed as they were looking forward to the regional finals where they were expected to do extremely well. The lack of competition is also reflected in the underspend.

Sport is an important part of the life of the school, and a large number of our children and families; we look forward to continuing to increase the impact of the funding and using it to maintain our high standards and broaden the sporting curriculum even further when COVID-19 is no longer a controlling factor.  In the meantime the underspend from £2019-2020 will be spent on new resources and playground markings to encourage all children to have active playtimes.


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