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Posted on: 11/09/2018

Lent Fair supports children in Uganda

This summer five former Gerrards Cross C of E pupils visited some of the Love Africa projects in Uganda with the youth group at St James Church. The money raised at this years lent fair was given to the Love Africa charity so that it could be spent in Uganda to directly benefit the projects there. 

The majority of the money raised was spent on a keyboard which was given to a church in a rural community with a large population of children. We hope that this musical instrument will provide an opportunity for the community to become more involved in music.

The other portion of the money was spent on a wheel chair for a boy aged 15 with cerebral palsy who was many years behind in his education because it was too difficult for him to get to school. Before he was provided with this wheel chair, each morning he had to crawl to the side of the road and was driven to school by his headteacher on her boda boda (motorbike). This gift will provide the boy with the opportunity to finish his education and also have dignity and confidence.

Thank you to KS2 for running Lent Fair and we are so grateful for the impact that the money raised has had on people’s lives.

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