The Gerrards Cross Church of England School has a distinctive Christian ethos which is at the centre of school life. We provide an inclusive, supportive and caring environment, shaped by Christian values in which children can learn and flourish. We invite applications for admissions without reference to the ability or aptitude of the child. We welcome children irrespective of whether they are of the Christian faith, another faith or no faith.

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For an admission form, Please contact the school office or download the form below. Forms should be returned to the school by post:

The Gerrards Cross CE School,

Moreland Drive,

Gerrards Cross,


SL9 8BD 

or via email to

Application Form

Admission Arrangements 2018-2019 (for in year admissions during school year 2018 - 19)

Our determined admissions arrangements for entry to the school during the academic year 1 September 2018-31 August 2019 can be viewed via the link below.

Admission Arrangements 2018-2019

Admission Arrangements for 2019-2020

Our determined admissions arrangements for entry to the school during academic year 1 September 2019-31 August 2020 can be viewed via the link below.

Admission Arrangements 2019-2020

Applications for in-year admissions [1], parents must be given 20 school days from the date of refusal to prepare and lodge their appeal. The appeal must be heard within 30 school days of the appeal of being lodged.

[1] An application is an 'in-year' application if it is the admission of a child to a relevant age group and it is submitted on or after the first day of the first school term of the admission year, or it is for the admission of a child to an age group other than a relevant age group.

Any person who considers that our admission arrangements are unlawful or not in compliance with the School Admissions Code 2014 may object to the Schools Adjudicator.

Information on how to make an objection can be from the Office of the Schools Adjudicator:





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