Our children follow a carefully planned curriculum which seeks to engage, challenge and inspire. Knowledge and understanding from a full range of curriculum subjects are taught and developed, alongside our own set of core learning skills which give children the vital skills they need to succeed as they progress through our school and beyond.

Each half-term has a key curriculum focus, into which many other subjects and lessons link, providing continuity and context for learning from the very earliest years in school. Our curriculum is enriched in all year groups by visits and visitors to school, and each half-termly unit culminates in a ‘Rich Learning Outcome’ – a highlight and celebration of learning, in which parents are often invited to share. In the following pages you can see the main theme for each year group for the current half-term and the Rich Leaning Outcome which the children are looking forward to enjoying.

Curriculum Information Sheets are sent home to parents and carers each half-term. These outline the areas of study for the coming half-term and ways in which families can support and enrich learning. Curriculum Information Sheets are sent home at the beginning of each half-term and the current set are on the pages which follow.

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