Mission Statement

Our school seeks to provide an engaging, challenging and inspiring education,in an environment where every individual is nurtured, valued and celebrated. With a firm foundation of Christian values, we share a vision of excellence which enriches today and equips for tomorrow.

Our pupils enjoy a stimulating and varied curriculum, supported by a wide range of enrichment activities and extra-curricular opportunities. The uniqueness of each child is celebrated, and each individual is nurtured through the partnership of children, parents, staff and governors. The school enjoys exceptionally close links with our local St James Church.

Our school is dedicated to providing a place of effective learning and teaching in order that each child may pursue success in the classroom, on the sports field and in every other area of school life.  Above all, we aim to provide a secure, caring and well-ordered community where there is an excitement and pleasure in learning, and each child is able to grow and flourish. 

A Firm Foundation of Christian Values

Our core Christian values mark us out as a distinct church school and are the principles which guide the thinking, decision-making and behaviour of all involved in the school including staff, pupils and governors.  The explicit ways in which staff, children and governors articulate and demonstrate these are part of our distinctiveness as a church school.


Love     Thankfulness      Forgiveness      Grace     Compassion      Community


Throughout the year we focus on each of the individual Christian values, in Collective Worship, in classrooms and around the school.

In essence… We aim to share God’s LOVE with each other through acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, and showing FORGIVENESS to others when things go wrong.

We demonstrate COMPASSION, supporting others in whatever way we can, whatever the circumstances.

When we act with GRACE we do not treat each other as we might deserve to be treated, but our actions are guided by love, forgiveness and compassion.

Our ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ reminds us to be THANKFUL for all that we have been given; and finally we aim to live out our Christian values, demonstrating them to all within our COMMUNITY

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