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This document has been designed to help any parent that has been kind enough to offer support and assistance in a variety of roles in our school.  All members of staff are extremely grateful and fully appreciate your time and commitment and they are always available to answer any questions.

These are just some of the ways that you as a parent may choose to help:-

Supporting reading

 Children love reading and sharing a book with an adult on a one-to-one basis.

Each child has a reading book and a "Reading together" record book.  The latter is a dual record between home and school.  Parents are encouraged to write a comment, as are the other people who hear the child read.  When commenting in the book please try to be positive and encouraging. You may need to draw the teacher's attention to a comment from time-to-time.

With the reader in the classroom:

  • Draw the child's attention to the author's name and the title of the book.

  • Encourage prediction skills by asking such questions as:

       "What do you think will happen next?"

  • Discuss the story when reading to ensure comprehension.

  • Discuss the illustrations.

As you get more experienced you will develop a feeling for how long each child should read.If you are unsure, please check with the class teacher.

Each teacher will advise as to how the reading in the classroom is noted in the class lists.

In KS2 each staff member has a prompt sheet to guide reading.


Collect each group from the classroom.  Usually only up to six children will cook at a time. Start each session with hand washing and aprons.  Encourage the children to listen carefully to instructions and to concentrate.

As the room is used for a variety of activities always ensure that the surfaces are hygienic.

Ingredients are usually ready, if not, check cupboards and fridge.

The children love cooking, so encourage them to do as much as possible, according to age and ability.  Teach the younger ones about weighing, the older ones will want to do it themselves.

After cooking the children wash, dry up and put away the dishes. If the cooking time is rather long you should send the children back to their classroom and then take along the results when you have a) rested and b) had a coffee. Tea and coffee is provided in the cookery room for all parent helpers.  Please let a member of staff know if supplies run short.

The finished products are usually taken home in polybags provided or ice cream cartons - please ask for these to be returned and spares are always gratefully received.    

Dirty linen should be left in the basket on top of the washing machine.  It will be switched on by the cookery room organiser.

There are two standard stoves with an oven in addition to a microwave oven.


Please don't let young children near the oven.  Pan handles should be turned towards the wall.  Sharp knives are for use with older children only.

Oven gloves and a fire blanket are provided.  Please wipe up spillages to prevent slipping.

When First Aid is required, a teacher or Mrs Scott should be alerted at once.  A First Aid box is on display in the cookery room.

Please leave the cookery room door open during lesson time for health and safety reasons.


Our school garden, ‘The Temple of Bloom', is a wonderful space enjoyed by all children in Key Stage 1 and several Key Stage 2 classes. The children have also planted flower borders and hanging baskets to brighten up the whole school grounds.  A team of parents who are able to make regular or one-off commitments would enable the parents who lead the project to maximize the potential of the space, for the enjoyment of all our pupils.


Parent power is invaluable when the youngest children are getting changed for swimming.  Time is limited and buttons, buckles and shoelaces can take up so much time.  A handful of parents per class per session is a great help.  Swimming takes place in the summer term.

Supporting learning in the classroom

Your help is invaluable from time to time for small group activities like art, design technology and sewing.  If you are talented yourself it's easy to get carried away and do it for them. Do try to offer support and let the children actually do it themselves.  


Each class has a half-hour library session each week.  We hope to help each child to become a discerning reader, to love books and have skills to use the library for research to support classroom and individual interests.

As a parent you can support the children in choosing books and in the administration of the library.  The shelves need constant tidying and keeping in order.

'Code of Conduct' for volunteers

All volunteers sign our volunteer 'Code of Conduct' which includes our policies on mobile phones, social media and our safeguarding procedures. Please follow the link below to read the document.


Please remember that you are in a privileged position in school.  We would ask you to remember that all you see and hear, as a helper is confidential.  We would not expect helpers to say "I didn't know your child couldn't......" etc. etc.

And finally.....

If you have particular skills which might be useful in school, whether supporting the curriculum or contributing to extra-curricular activities, please do speak to a member of staff.

We hope you enjoy your time in school.  The parents we have spoken to have all enthused about the times spent assisting and the amusing moments they have had. Thank you so much for your support.  It is very much appreciated.

Code of conduct


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