Development Planning 2023-2024

School Development

School leaders work throughout each school year to ensure that our educational provision continues to develop and children’s needs are met effectively.

As part of their strategic responsibilities, the Governing Body create the ‘Governors’ Strategic Plan’, the headlines of which can be found on the link below; this annually reviewed document outlines the governors’ vision for the development of the school during the next five years. The Headteacher and leadership team use the Governors’ Strategic Plan, along with ongoing performance data and national, local and school-led priorities to create the annual School Development Plan. A ‘Headlines’ summary of the main areas of focus for the current academic year can be found on the link below.

A more detailed version both plans, as well as subject specific development planning, is available in school.


Governors' Strategic Plan Headline 2023-2027

School Development Plan Headlines 2023-2024

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