Launched in January 2023, GXPERIENCE is an exciting set of fifteen experiences and learning events which are specific to each year group and which children will love!

The fifteen activities and events are linked to many different areas of learning and are drawn from either our core curriculum or our co-curricular enrichment programme.  Each year group has its own set of  activities, so our children can look forward not only to this year’s ‘GXPERIENCE’, but also to that of other year groups as they progress through the school. Each year group's GXPERIENCE poster is displayed in their classroom and activities are ticked off as they are enjoyed by the class.

The aim of our GXPERIENCE programme is to ensure that our children encounter learning as something which is engaging, enriching and inspiring, and which they do not want to miss. It is part of our strategy to ensure that we realise our vision to see 'Every Child Flourishing'. We hope that the positive approach to learning developed in their formative primary school years, will remain with our pupils throughout their years of education.

The GXPERIENCE programmes are not published online, as we do not want to spoil the surprise for each year group. However, we are happy to share the EYFS GXPERIENCE to give you the idea! 



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