School uniform

Our school uniform reflects the ethos of our school and promotes a sense of belonging. It enables all pupils to share a common identity regardless of their background or home circumstances, encourages pride in themselves and in our school, and reflects the high standards and expectations pursued by all in our school community. 

All pupils are expected to wear school uniform as listed below: it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children come to school dressed correctly. 

Please note that all items of uniform must be clearly marked with your child's name. 

* All starred items are available only through the school supplier. These can be purchased online. 'Sportcrest' is based in High Wycombe and has a shop in the Eden Centre from where uniform can be collected. Uniform can be ordered online or by phone and can also be posted directly to parents if that is more convenient. Sportcrest's website can be found at and their phone number is 01494 534741. 

The school's PTA aims to run 'previously worn' uniform sales during the school year. The date of the next sale can be obtained by contacting the PTA team via Classlist or in person, or from 'Dates for your Diary'.

The school office also keeps a small supply of used uniform items; please contact the office directly if this would be useful to you.

School Uniform PE Kit



*V-neck sweater with school logo 

*School Tie (NB for Years R and 1 only the tie may be on elastic) 

Grey tailored trousers or shorts 

Grey tailored skirt (not jersey fabric) 

White collared shirt (not open neck) 

White or grey socks, ankle or knee length (no trainer liners) or grey tights 

Black shoes in a sensible style 

*Bookbag (Years R-2 only) 

Optional for Years R-2, Summer Term only 
*Regulation summer dress 

*Gold polo shirt with school logo 

*Maroon school shorts 

Trainers (Years R - 6) 

Football boots (Years 3-6) 

Shin pads and maroon or dark coloured football socks (optional Years 3-6) 

*Maroon sweatshirt with school logo 

Jogging bottoms (optional) -  *maroon school colour 

*Boot bag with school logo (optional) 

*Bookbag (years R-2 only) 

*Rucksack with school logo 

*PE bag with school logo

*Reversible waterproof coat with school logo 

*Zip-up fleece with school logo 

*Woolly hat 

*Baseball cap 

*Legionnaire hat (Years R-2 only) 

Black or white skins for sport

Sun lotion needs to be applied before coming into school on hot days


Hair: Long hair must be tied back. All hair accessories should be discreet, and plain dark or school colours. 

Jewellery: No jewellery should be worn in school. If children have pierced ears, small and unobtrusive studs may be worn but these must be removed or covered with micropore tape for PE lessons, and removed for swimming. Watches should be basic analogue or digital; they should be inexpensive and named. Inexpensive fitness 'watches' (which tell the time and count footsteps) are allowed; but smart watches, fitness and tracking devices must not be brought into school. A sweatband is needed for PE lessons, in order to cover any religious jewellery that cannot be removed for religious reasons.

As a school we are sensitive to the needs of different cultures, races and religions and will act reasonably in accommodating these needs. We believe that it should be possible for most religious requirements to be met within our school uniform and the Headteacher alongside the Governing Body will act reasonably in accommodating these. Please contact the Headteacher to discuss in more detail.

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