Our Co-Curriculum

Our curriculum is supported by a wide range of co-curricular activities which aim to bring learning to life in addition to everyday classroom experience. Many of these form part of our SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) provision. Our co-curricular programme can be divided into three main groups:

  • Enhancement activities for a specific group, year group/s or the whole school which takes place outside the classroom and in addition to the planned curriculum.
    For example Forest School; Young Voices; special curriculum weeks such as arts weeks, STEM weeks, environment weeks; school productions;  residential visits, sports days and tournaments
  • Enrichment visits to another location to bring learning to life, or workshops on our school site
    For example a museum or gallery visit; a field or gardens visit; a history or science workshop run by visitors to our school
  • Inspirational people with specific skills, knowledge or experience who engage, enrich and inspire our pupils
    For example visiting scientists, authors and sports professionals; curriculum experience days; online interviews or talks

We seek to plan a co-curricular programme which enhances the experience of our pupils, carefully considering the context of our school. We consider pupils' areas of current knowledge and seek to broaden these with activities which stretch horizons and introduce new areas of interest.

In the last two years our co-curricular programme included:

Enhancement activities

Enrichment visits

Inspirational people

STEM week
Literary Festival
Environment week
Forest School
Residential visits
Young Voices
Sports festivals and tournaments

Farm visits
Gardens visits
Reptile encounters day
Art gallery visits
Places of worship visits
Museum visits
Workshops in school
Inter-school competitions

Experience days
Online author interviews
Visiting specialists and professionals
Online talks and interviews
Faith visitors
Parent/ local community visitors

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