Pupil Personal Development

Our pupils’ personal development is foundational and sits at the heart of our vision to see ‘Every Child Flourishing’.

Through our focus on character development and the three core areas of our provision, we create an intentional programme which enables every child’s holistic development.  

Our carefully crafted provision seeks to enable excellent personal development for all pupils.  Each one is nurtured, inspired, engaged and enriched throughout their time with us, equipping them for future flourishing and personal fulfilment.

Living well

Our ‘Values for Living’ articulate the high expectations of thinking, behaviour and relationships in our school. The consistently taught and understood standards create a shared understanding of how to live well in community, so that all can flourish. Behaviour is excellent - our school is a well ordered and happy community.

Learning well

Our ‘Behaviours for Learning’ are six skills which are key for future flourishing, both in education and in the workplace. These ‘Behaviours’ are taught explicitly and implicitly so that children consciously and subconsciously both understand and develop core learning skills.

Flourishing intellectually and physically

We seek the highest possible outcomes for each pupil, inspired and enabled by a well-planned, relevant and engaging curriculum. This enables our pupils grow incrementally in justified self-confidence in their ability to learn and make progress. Our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) is central to our pupils' personal development. More information can be found under 'Our Curriculum'. Our co-curriculum enriches learning, providing pupils with memorable and inspiring experiences and bringing learning to life.

Flourishing emotionally and spiritually

Our school is a safe and nurturing place for all. Children develop loving, accepting and empathetic relationships with their peers and with staff, and can be supported by our trained pupil mentor and dramatherapist if they experience emotional difficulties. We teach children to reflect deeply on matters of life and faith, enabling them to ask fundamental questions and develop their own perspectives.

socially and morally

Our pupils have the capacity to be leaders and change-makers of the future. Children develop social confidence and the ability to make points or arguments clearly and constructively, listen attentively to the views of others, and behave with courtesy and good manners. Through our ‘Ripples Venture’ we teach our pupils the importance roles and responsibilities in our community and further afield, and the positive contribution each one of us can make.  All pupils in Years 1 and 3 enjoy a block of Forest School weeks; they develop their personal and social confidence, as well as  their creativity and decision making all in the safety of our quiet and secluded onsite forest area.


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